criminal Divison - Forms and Documents

The Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Criminal Division pursues justice in over 2000 felony cases; 10,000 misdemeanor cases and 30,000 infractions filed in Allen County each year. Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys, Investigators and Paralegals make up the staff in our criminal division.  They manage cases in our office ranging from check deception to burglary, rape and homicide.

The Deputy Prosecutors represent the state of Indiana, the victims and the constitutional rights of the defendant in each case presented to us for prosecution. It is our challenge to balance the rights of the defendants, the needs of the community and the duty to the state and the victim. This is a challenge we gladly accept.

Our Criminal Division works closely with the
Fort Wayne Police Department, the Allen County Police Department,  the New Haven Police Department, the Indiana State Police, the Allen County Superior and Circuit Courts and many investigative agencies committed to serving the public.

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