child Support Division - frequently asked questions

What is the Title IV-D Child Support Program?

Title IV-D of the Federal Social Security Act requires every state to provide child support services.  This is called the Title IV-D Child Support Program.  In Indiana, the Title IV-D Child Support Program is administrated by the Department of Child Services Child Support Bureau, and is carried out locally by the county Prosecutor's Office, the office of the County Clerk, and the Courts.

What does the Child Support Program do?

The Child Support Program is required to do a number of functions to assist in getting child support dollars to families.  These functions include:

        Locating non-custodial parents
        Establishing paternity
        Establishing child support and medical support orders
        Enforcing payment of child support

The Child Support Program also reviews child support orders to insure they conform to the Indiana Child Support Rules and Guidelines, disburses child support payments to custodial parties, and assists other states, territories, and tribes in all of these activities.  Most of these activities take place through the local county prosecutor's Title IV-D child support office.

How do I sign up for the IV-D Program so that the Prosecutor will represent me?

For information on how to join the IV-D program, contact the local IV-D office, at (260) 449-4027.

How do I report a change of address or new employer?

If you have a non-AFDC case you may go to the Allen County Clerk's Office, in room 200 of the Courthouse, to change your address.  Please have identification with you.  If you are receiving AFDC, you must call (800) 403-0864 or go to your local Welfare office, at 201 East Rudisill Blvd.

What are your office hours?

The office is open to the public from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. The office is closed from 11:30am to 1:00pm.  For general information, please call (260) 449-7136 .

How do I obtain status of my case?

To obtain status on a case, you will need to contact your Customer Response Team at the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office, at  (260) 449-7136.

How do I cancel a Child Support Court date?

If a court date has been set and the documents have been filed with the Court, you will need to appear for the scheduled date.

Where do I check on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) (formerly AFDC) payments?

For TANF payment information, you must contact the TANF regional call center, at (800) 403-0864.

Where do I check on child support payments?

To check on a child support payments, you must call the Indiana Child Support Bureau, at (800) 840-8757 or (317) 241-9636.

I am the custodial parent and want information on tax intercept. How do I obtain this information?

If you are the custodial parent and want information on a tax intercept on your case, you must contact the State Child Support Office, at (800) 840-8757.

My taxes have been intercepted. I need information as to why.

If you are the non-custodial parent and your taxes have been intercepted, you need to call the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office, at (260) 449-7648, and follow the instructions on the message.

I am not getting visitation as the court orders provide. What do I need to do?

The Title IV-D Program cannot help with issues of child custody, visitation, and property settlements. You should contact a private attorney to represent you on these matters.