child Support Division

The Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has over 22,000 active child support cases. For every $1.00 spent to collect child support, $15.00 is collected and sent to the custodial parent or to reimburse the State of Indiana.

In Allen County, approximately 6,000 babies are born annually. One-third (2,000) of these babies are born out-of-wedlock. Of the 2,000 babies born out-of-wedlock, the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office establishes paternity approximately of 700 per year.

In association with the State of Indiana and the United States Federal Government, the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney operates the Title IV-D Child Support Program in Allen County to collect support for children living with only one parent or with another custodian.

The Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, in cooperation with the Attorney General, is using more aggressive tools to obtain payment from parents not living up to their obligations.  Some of these tools include suspension of licenses, liens on property, interception of taxes, passport denial and withholding income.

The office is also charged with establishing paternity and enforcing current support orders.